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Pipe bevelers, pipe facing machines, tube severing, tube squaring, counterboring, cutting benches, beveling benches, pipeline machinery, welding preparation, single point machining

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Protem - Brushless Motor

Protem GmbH

Protem has implemented the brushless motor technology on their US (portable beveling machines)...

Tube & Pipe Beveling Machine - US25

Protem GmbH

The US25 portable pipe beveling tool is the most powerful, robust, reliable and versatile...

Protem BMFM Concentric Clamping

Protem GmbH

The new concentric clamping machines Protem BMFM 76 and Protem BMFM 219 are designed to perform...

Protem BB Series

Protem GmbH

BB HIGH SPEED BEVELING BENCHES are the most powerful and reliable machines for achieving a...