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Zaward Corporation is a leading thermal solution expert specializing in cooling system. Our product line covers DC/ AC fan, blower, VGA fan, industrial fan, CPU cooler, LED light heatsink or heatsink by process of extrusion, skiving, bonded, stamping, swage, forging, CNC machining, die-casting, etc. Zaward has built reliable reputation and gained patrons’ trust by our high standard engineering and well-developed quality control system by strong base and abundant experiences, since Zaward founded in 1996. Zaward provides high quality OEM and ODM services from concept to design through manufacturing and after-market services for worldwide electrical demands. Having almost two decades experience in R&D and numerous outstanding technology R&D specialists, our superior R&D capability widely encompasses mechanical design, like fan blade, plastic frame, laminator or insulator design, and PCB design including PCB layout, circuit, electrical components, etc. according to your P/Q target, noise target, electrical function or other requirement. Furthermore, except managing over twenty active processing lines and other high-end hardware, plus certified by ISO 9001 2008 and ISO 14001 2004, we could provide you high quality and competitive manufacturing prices through lower rate of labor force and efficient cost controlling. Undoubtedly, Zaward is always your first OEM and ODM choice which has the best ability to meet clients’ special customizing requirement.

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ZAWARD Catalog_Manufacturing Capacity

Zaward Corproation

Capacity and available specification of extrusion, skiving, bonded fin, stamping, stacked,...

ZAWARD Catalog_Extrusion HS

Zaward Corproation

Extrusion Heat Sink (All are Existing Model having tooling already) Dimension ranges from 14mm to...

ZAWARD Catalog_Skiving HS

Zaward Corproation

Skiving Heat Sink, Existing Model with tooling already. Dimension ranges from 30mm to...

ZAWARD Catalog_LED Light HS

Zaward Corproation

LED Lighting Heat Sink Existing Model with tooling already. Optionally assembled with fan, heat...