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WEHRLE engineers and builds treatment plants for highly loaded wastewaters, such as industrial effluents or landfill leachate - decentralised, on a plant level. We also do water supply, water recycling, biogas generation, substance recovery - and services to industries like plant performance optimisations, benchmarking, water mapping, upgrades and modernisations. WEHRLE builds the most compact biological treatment plants in the world, maintaining the high flexibility to cope with frequently changing effluents. 25 years ago we were the first to build MBRs for this purpose: plants that are running still today! We have a vast process technology portfolio - and the experience with many different wastewaters from various industrial sources.

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Effluent Treatment for Dairy Industry


Wastewaters from the production of dairy products are as diverse as the range of products...

Effluent Treatment for Food & Beverage Industry


Effluents from the food & beverage production can be biodegraded easily. However, the demands...

Liquid Manure / Digestate / MBT effluent


In order to properly eliminate the nitrogen compounds ammonium (NH4) and nitrate (NO3), which are...

Petrochem effluent treatment and water recycling


Exploring or producing petrochemical products, often generates wastewaters with very complex...