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VIZAS WORKS, Open Joint-Stock Company makes grinding, gear grinding, spline grinding,resposnible and special machines, special machines for grinding broaches, hobs, gear-cutting heads, milling heads, disk plates, drills, taps, dies, flat blades, drilling tools percussion, control and measuring devices for gears and gear-cutting heads, universal grinding machines and fixtures, test stands for circles, woodworking equipment and reducers for agricultural machines. Address: 83 Frunze av., 210602 Vitebsk, Belarus Tel.: 8-10-375 (212) 55-10-37 Fax: 8-10-375 (212) 55-05-17 Skype: zavod_vizas Web:

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Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874RN

Vizas Works OJSC

Designed for grinding of woodworking straight edge flat blades made of tool steel by CBN grinding...

CNC Tool Grinding Center on basis of semiautomatic machine VZ-454F4

Vizas Works OJSC

CNC Tool Grinding Center is manufactured according to Customers order and has its own model...

Tool & Cutter Grinder VZ-319

Vizas Works OJSC

The machine is designed for cutter grinding made of tool steel, carbide composition and...

Semiautomatic CNC gear-grinding machine mod. VZ-676F4

Vizas Works OJSC

The semiautomatic machine is manufactured according to the performance specification approved by...