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Manufacturer of Level Control Instruments such as Fuel Level Transmitters, Indicators, Water level Transmitters, Tuning Fork Level Switches for Solids & Liquids, Rotating Paddle Level Switch for Solids, Vibrating Rod Level Switch for Solids, Conductivity Level Switch for Water & Conductive Liquids, RF-Admittance Level Switches for Solids and Coat Forming Material, Capacitance Type Level Switches, Transmitters & Indicators, Hydrostatic Level Transmitters, GWR etc Level Transmitters... etc

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Vibrating Fork Solid Level Switch

Trumen Technologies Pvt Ltd

Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Level Sensing in Solids / Powders. Main Features are :1)...

Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch

Trumen Technologies Pvt Ltd

Level Sensing for Liquids with various features 1. Fast Switching Response 1 sec 2. Minimum ½"...