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Tamuz Electronics Ltd

Tamuz Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company specializes in the development, production and marketing of innovated and advanced energy systems and power components for a wide range of customers, business sectors and applications. We have the capability to provide off-the-shelf as well as custom design solutions for any application. For medical, defence, utilities applications and OEM companies the company develops, manufactures and provides custom made smart BBU (Battery Backup Unit) to power electronic devices of Public Utilities, Railway signalling, Street Traffic control, ATMS (advanced traffic management systems), AMR (gas, electric, water), CCTV video surveillance security systems, Renewable energy controllers, UPS, Communication, Security (alarm, control, detectors), EV and Mini-EV applications. The company designs BBU which includes advanced battery technologies, such as Li-FePO4, Li-Ion and special chemistries, controlled by smart electronics and embedded software to best fit any Extreme Outdoor Applications. The company products reduce the total operation and Ownership cost by providing an extended operating life products with hundreds and even thousands of charge/discharge cycles. The experience and expertise of our team enables us to provide the perfect solution to meet the customer backup power demands throughout the project phases, starting with development phase through prototype phase and finally to manufacturing phase, all under a tight schedule and close technical support. Tamuz Electronics Ltd provides turn-key power projects, complete energy solutions for standalone power systems, as well as consulting, testing, design, assembly and marketing of a wide range of batteries, power supply, chargers, power components and hardware. The company offers a wide range of battery technologies such as Li-FePO4, Li-Poly, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, SLA, Primary technologies, special and new battery technologies.

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