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Superior Manufacturing Group is market leader in anti-fatigue and safety matting. Our brand of Notrax® floor matting has become synonymous with quality, flexibility and customer service. What started as a small family-owned mat repair company has quickly grown to a global company in the design and manufacturing of anti-fatigue and safety matting for industrial and commercial applications. As the industry and manufacturing processes evolve, so do our matting products. We are constantly developing new products to meet the changing needs of the industry. We focus on customer problems and working together with them to create matting solutions that resolve the issue. Our innovations team continues to design state-of-the-art products through intense research and development using new technologies, new design techniques and new ideas. Notrax® products are sold globally through our trusted distributor network of matting experts, operating in niche segments of ergonomics, cleaning and hygiene, health and safety, industrial supplies, installation experts, and many more. Understanding and responding to the markets’ specific needs reflects our interest and pleasure in serving our distributors and their customers. Examples of this include the development of mass customization capabilities and online integration with customers. As one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of professional floor matting products, our belief in strong relationships is the foundation of our business.

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