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Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Energy Technology specializes in sauce, soup and beverage rapid cooling machine. It revolutionized the traditional cooling methods and it is a new cooling way to reduce food waste and contamination while cooling especially for central kitchens for everybody and every region around the world. We would like to introduce to you the instant cooling system that we have developed. With the system, you can reduce the heat of beverages and pastes from 100℃ to 36~18℃ by tap or ice water in 6~10 minutes. The cooling cost for each round will only take US$0.5. Cooling the food evenly and it will not affect the size of the grains. Instant cooling machine provides you with an unprecedented freshness and fragrant experience. You can add natural food materials in your products, like fresh fruit, vegetable and milk. Let you to create your own flavor.

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