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Soartec Industrial Corp. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic tools in Taiwan. We have been manufacturing the Air Sanders, Air Impact Wrenches, Screwdriver, Hammer, Industrial Air Die/Angle Grinder and Accessories, etc. And shipping the products to many countries around the world under the arrangements of OEM, ODM or OBM in addition to the local sales. Our commitment to the customers is to supply the top quality products at a reasonable price. It's no doubt that we are the right sources for the supplies of the satisfactory air tools. We also supply our customers fine products with competitive prices, fast service and on time delivery. In view of the comments from the end-users home and abroad, our products have won the entire satisfaction no matter in the features, performances, durability, designs and constructions or the multiplicities of different models. Soartec patented in Taiwan and USA. And our R&D department always working on the development of the new items in order to meet all customers / consumer's needs. Therefore you can find what you want in Soartec. If our products are of your interest, please let us know by sending your inquiry for the acceptable models in your country/market. Twice Quencing and Twice Tempering Treatments Seldom to see key iron components with "Twice Quencing and Twice Tempering Treatments" made by most other manufacturers, but made by us, resulting in high hardness, durable and long lifespan.

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Soartec Industrial Corp.

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Soartec Industrial Corp.

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Soartec Industrial Corp.

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Soartec Industrial Corp.

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