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Manufacturer of wheelchair parts, health care equipment. OEM solutions. Performance parts and accessories. Let's move it!

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Polyurethane wheels with hollow spokes

Recomedic Rehab

family of polyurethane hollow spoke wheels from 5" till 8" - more details on request via...

Recomedic - new aluminium wheels

Recomedic Rehab

New design of aluminium castors for wheelchairs and other applications. Available in 4", 5" and 6".

Recomedic - colorful push rim covers

Recomedic Rehab

NEW! Push rim covers in fresh colors are available! Green, yellow, blue, pink, magenta, red -...

Recomedic Rehab - positioning systems

Recomedic Rehab

Head and body positioning systems in stainless steel and aluminium. More informations:...