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Ocme is Technology for filling, packaging, palletising and logistic. OCME, founded in 1954 with only 5 people on staff, quickly started building its reputation in the packaging equipment market until it became one of the industry's world leaders, with more than 10,000 macchines installed a world over. Today, the Parma-based company has approximately 600 employees worldwide, has been ISO 9001-certified since 1994, has a turnover of 90 Million Euro in 2013 and operates principally in the Beverges, Food, Detergent, Petro-chemical and Tissue sectors. The production range comprises machines for filling, primary packaging, secondary packaging for the end of line and logistics. In addition to being a supplier of single machines, OCME can also provide complete lines keys in hand. In 2013 Ocme realizes a fully integrated Monoblock for the packaging end of line: Dryblock. It combines the entire dry part of a production line into a single, integrated and synchronized Machine. But OCME has also other Compact Solutions, integrated line systems that ensure the efficiency of a single machine through the complete synchronization of all the elements involved. This means: • Costs reduction • Sustainability • Space reduction • Reduction of the number of the operators • Reduction of the overspeeed • Engineering facilitated • Reduction of maintenance and spare parts Today Ocme pays particular attention to ecological and economical implications and its machines have been designed to ensure the reduction of space, staff, energy, materials and time. Now, OCME has 6 branch offices in Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, France, China and South Africa, a network of approximately 40 agents across the world.

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