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DeTech Pumps Works, main products are submersible sewage pump, submersible mixer & aerator, submersible propeller pump. It utilize the latest technology for wide range of application, like raw water, industrial waste water, dewatering etc. We have many years experience to produce these products, since 1985,we collaborated with EU pump company, and exported these products worldwide.And nowadays we can supply these products with our brand or as an OEM factory.

A factory in China. Mainly in waste water treatment equipment, like sewage pump, mixer, aerator, screen, grit clarifier etc. Also the pump for commercial application, like rain storm, flood proof, irrigation etc. Custom made products are available.

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DSA submersible aerator | Nanjing Lanshen Group

Nanjing Lanshen Group

DSA Submersible aerator: Application: Waste water treatment plant, like Biological...