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Moree Moree designs and manufactures high quality and distinctive illuminated furniture and lighting objects for people who appreciate both urban and sensory living. From a love of clear forms and a fascination with the effects of light, the designers and developers come up with new ideas for expressive furniture and objects that create outstanding interiors and are also a source of light. In particular the LED technology, both brilliant and energy saving, with its brightness and colours makes for impressive atmospheres in living rooms and gardens, as well as in restaurants, bars and clubs. The Moree brand stands for stylish, yet functional, high quality products which are made in Germany. It is available in specialised furniture and designer stores in 20 countries around the world. Made in Germany In order to guarantee that the desired, fastidious quality level is reached, the Moree team has consciously decided to produce mainly in Germany. Design, construction and production are developed and made in co-operation with German partners. - A philosophy which guarantees high-quality handling of the products and their problem-free supply. This guarantees excellent workmanship, durable products and room to meet individual customer requirements.

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