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Kett manufactures an array of test and measuring instruments. We design and manufacture all instruments shown on our website. This ensures durability and accuracy, guaranteeing our products' reliability! Not only do we help our clients immediately optimize their efficiency and profitability, but we also reduce waste and optimize energy usage in production.

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Descascaradora Electrica de Arroz Avanzada (TR250)


Este intrumento de facil uso descascara pequenas muestras de arroz para proporcionar arroz cargo....

Medidor Manual Instantaneo de Humedad en Harina (PR930)


Este instrumento de facil uso proporcion una medicion instantanea, no destructiva del contentido...

Single Kernel Rice Moisture Tester (PT2600)


The PQ2600 allow the user to maintain correct moisture content when drying the paddy rice. This...

Data Analysis Software (Tracker System)


The moisture track is very cost-effective and is automated, while also allowing unattended...