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ICE AV distributes, integrates and manufactures a range of display and interactive solutions that allow innovative and effective ways to view content, messages and interactive ways to communicate. Products fall into main principal categories of Projection, LED and Interactive. Our theme "The Magic is in the Screen" is amazingly seen for example with our daytime projection screens that can increase a projected image brightness from a standard projector by up to 2000%. The comparison between these and a matt white screen has many viewing in disbelief. We offer a range of Projection Polymer Films to convert windows into projection screen. A recent addition is the Underwater LED screen where the pool floor can be a large format LED screen. The Plas480 cabinets are non rusting light weight solution that can be used to build any size LED screen. Magnetic LED tiles allow us to cater for a wide range of installation requirements. Our LED Soft Mesh is useful in a substantial way for building cladding, ceiling, partition and stage walls both indoors or outdoors. Our GlassLED tiles allow any building window, complete building external glass walls, partition structure to be turned in to a transparent LED screen. The HoloDesk is a our interaction solution that comes in transparent glass and flat panel formats allowing multi touch interaction for any media and content - perfect for public areas, expos, exporters and the like. We can manufacture Virtual Person Presenters that can deliver non stop display messages in the form of a human likeness / model. We maintain a number of online presence

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