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Henan Boma Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Xinxiang City, Henan, Henan Bomal is a world leader in the production of Refractories and set up in the year of 1958. As a reliable supplier from China specialized in Iron & Steel Industry & Coalchemical related materials. Boma Group's business scope are Refractories, Resin, Real Eastate and Hotel, Tourism. Subsidiaries and Afiliates: Henan Boma Co., Ltd Boma Fengfan Industrial Co., Ltd Henan Boma Mining Science and Technology Co., Ltd Boma Fedmet Mechanism Co., Ltd Boma Real Eastate Co., Ltd Boma Tourism Co., Ltd Main products are: 1. Iron&steel: 1) Sliding gate system for steel melting(Ladle, BOF and Tundish), with more than 60% share in China domestic market. Unburnt, midium treated and high temp. burnt side gate refractories, magnesia slide plates etc. Lining material (MC bricks and monolithics)for Converter, EAF, Ladle,Tundish and Iron mixer etc. 2) Purging system for steel melting. 3) Various of Unshaped materials. 4) Mechanism for slide gate system etc. 5) AOD,VOD AND LF-VD: MgO-CaO (dolomite) Bricks manufacture line are under construction and will be ready in around one year. 6) Tap hole clay for Blast furnase, Refractories for cast house floor. 2. Coalchemical: Chrome-alumina-zirconia brick, Chrome corundum brick and Alumina bubble brick etc. for Coal-water slurry gasifier, with more than 50% share. 3. Raw Material & products: Dolomite, MgO-CaO clinkers , Various Phinolic resin etc. 4. Aluminium: Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks, Carbon Blocks etc. Project solutions and supply, installation. We have had good records for years to supply the cargo to our clients all over the world. Therefore, our long experience is able to serve your good company with best price offer and punctual logistic arrangement.

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