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The Company Hagen & Goebel of Soest develops designs and produces components and machines for chip generating metalworking. The particular specialities are machines and units for tapping and machining units for metal cutting with rotating tools. In addition, from the basis of decades of experience of special purpose machine tool manufacture Hagen & Goebel offer an extensive programme of clamping techniques.

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H&G CNC-Endenbearbeitungsmaschine Typ E1S

Hagen & Goebel

Die horizontalen CNC - Endenbearbeitungsmaschinen Typ E1S wurden konzipiert um an...

Horizontales CNC Bearbeitungszentrum Typ FEB 3 - 150

Hagen & Goebel

Die horizontale CNC - Flansch- und Endenbearbeitungsmaschine FEB 3-150 wurde konzipiert, um...

Horizontal machining centre type FEB 3 - 150

Hagen & Goebel

The horizontal CNC – controlled flange and endmachining machine type FEB 3-150 was designed to...

Tapping machines

Hagen & Goebel

Hagen & Goebel high performance tapping machines for tap cutting and tap forming for tap size...