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greenTEG is an ETH Zurich Spin-off company. Our products enable the conversion of thermal into electric energy and we offer market solutions for increased energy efficiency and thermal measurements. Our product portfolio includes customizable heat flux sensors (gSKIN®) and thermoelectric generators (gTEG®). The gTEG® Energy Harvesting module converts a temperature difference between one side and the other directly into electricity. The gTEG® Energy Harvester hence acts as an energy source and replaces batteries and wiring in a wide variety of settings and applications where autonomous systems need a continuous power supply. The gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor is used to monitor processes involving the exchange of thermal energy. Its broad field of applications involve e.g. the quantification of the heat transferred through walls of a building as well as the reaction energy of a chemical reaction. Further, the radiation power of a laser or the sun can be measured by the gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor.

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