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Extratech was officially born as a brand 3DLIFE Ltd. , in 2007, when , after years of use in the field of engineering, as professionals, of different tools for measuring, monitoring and diagnosis we decided to enrich the offer of service proposed with the sale and rental of various instruments. Today, in the face of ever increasing demand for tools and with the need to organize themselves in order to better respond to customer requests , Extratech has become an independent company from 3DLIFE ; despite the close relations of integration of professional and business At the time of this division of the two business units , and 3Dlife Extratech have decided to gather in one place the two activities , transferring the historic homes of Extratech (via Maratea , 34, 38) and 3DLIFE (via Torraca , 76) in the brand new headquarters in Via 35 of the Major Seminary , which also has a training room for the development of courses and presentations of new products. Extratech deals with instrumental measurements in various civil and industrial sectors . Currently our interest is focused on the design and production of instruments for monitoring and diagnostics with wireless technology primarily in the fields of energy efficiency and structural monitoring on civil and industrial buildings , on retaining walls, bridges and tunnels. We develop software solutions for the control and remote monitoring of our instruments and even web platforms dedicated to the management on the part of our customers, our monitoring systems.

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