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The run-up to increase the share of wind power in the world is absorbing the entire productive capacity of the main leaders of the market remain concentrated in the produce and install large plants rather than considering to extend the range towards smaller sized plants or improved efficiencies . In other words, in the industrialized world there are so many windy areas to be populated with large systems , so manufacturers do not see it as a priority the need to develop small systems nor for areas that are not suckers . Eolitalia Energy builds and installs Mini wind power up to 60 KW . Micro wind power plants 5:10 KW . Design and procedural assistance for the installation of the blades with the GSE , Enel , civil engineering and assistance in the search for a site with features and performance contracting of the rent of the site. Assistance in obtaining financing for the purchase of a machine mini and micro wind with Banks or leasing . The blade minieolica ES 60 Eolitalia of Energy has unique characteristics of its kind ; Despite being small throughout the brain is housed in a nacelle of 10 sqm. To avoid chipping production due to overheating has a permanent magnet generator with external heat exchangers, liquid-cooled , all actuators are hydraulic and the machine has the Pitch control as standard . With only 5 m / s (annual average) can earn 40,000 to 45,000 €uro year , with average 7 m / s arrives 60,000 €uro year. It has a pile height of 24 mt. pole with internal access to the nacelle is accessed via an internal staircase . The monitoring of the machine allows you to see the on-line production of that moment , that day , the month , the annual total and immediately turning it in € uro earned .

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