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EMBATHERM is a French family-run company specialized in heatsealing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products since 1985. Heat sealing or lidding is an easy way of closure, easy to implement and low-costs. It brings the tamper evidence and a complete barrier to gas and light in the case of aluminum lids. The lid can be a true piece of design, being part of the packaging aesthetics and reinforcing the brand awareness. Sealing can be used on any cosmetic plastic or coated glass containers, whether jars or bottles, but also on any empty plastic plugs, parts of the final packaging : orifice reducers, piercing device on caps, diffusing plugs...there are numerous applications. EMBATHERM offers a complete solution to any sealing projects : - lids, neutral or personalized, more than 150 existing different diameters, 4 embossings available, - sealers, from the manual to the fully automatic, by conduction or by induction, including additional functions such as filling, capping, … - sub-contracting in heatsealing on empty plastic-pieces, such as orifice reducers, obturators… You find every products and a lot of information on sealing technologies on our brand new website .

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