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CITYSI arredo urbano-urban design

CITYSI arredo urbano-urban design

CITYSI is the “positive city”, the pursuit of the domestic dimension outside the confined space of a house. It is a new way of thinking on how to live the contemporary city and its spaces, public and private. Open spaces of the city nowadays are “home outside home”, and these spaces must be comfortable and nice when used, both in an urban contest or in the nature of a park. CITYSI has entered the urban design market with products that combine excellent design with a strong background in materials workmanship thus making street furniture products, attentive to detail and well focused on the modern ways of living the cities and their spaces. CITYSI products are made with resistant materials, extremely suitable for any usage: iron and exotic wood, are crafted according to the highest quality standards and are designed to last longer. CITYSI comes to life to give more value to the urban design. Benches, planters, bins, shelters are everyday life, art creations that everyone can use, see, and live leading to the exploration of new concepts of space. Welcome to the "positive city"!

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