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Armor Concepts LLC.

Armor Concepts LLC.

Our products were designed by an engineer to put an end to a problem. We know more about securing doors than anyone on the planet because we thoroughly test every solution before we bring it to market. We know what breaks on a door when it is kicked because we have broken lots of them in testing. We offer you a choice of solutions because we know that all customers have different budgets, skill levels and security requirements. We do not try to sell you a product, we simply give you options and allow you to choose what works best for you. Through the years we have heard stories that even we would not have believed and have received countless testimonials from customers, who have seen these solutions work for themselves. We do not talk about what our solutions should do. We simply show you, or let others tell you what they have done. Our CEO, Alan S. Young, has given hundreds of radio interviews and talks to police forces on economical, common sense methods of securing a home.

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