ACOT500 was founded by Gavin Diehl. Having started in 1996 and only registered in 1998, ACOT500 is still a relatively young company. With vision and creative thinking, the company develops its brand, ACOT500, according to the needs and technological advancement of the industry; presenting an array of high-tech products to the lighting market. Dealing in the mining, safety, towing, forklift, transport and emergency industries, ACOT500 has much to offer. Since its inception in South Africa, ACOT500 has expanded its offices in South Africa and has opened new offices abroad; forming partnerships in both Australia and Taiwan. ACOT500 additionally supplies its products to a long list of countries throughout Africa (Namibia, Zambia, Angola, etc.) as well as the rest of the world (Dubai, Portugal, Turkey, etc.). As a company still in its youth, ACOT500 intends on better establishing its ACOT500 brand in the European, North and South American markets; all the while keeping expansion and growth in mind in its goal to establish its world-renowned status in the industry. ACOT500  has its components manufactured abroad and assembled in Australia and Taiwan; creating jobs and contributing greatly to the economy of the country. Through good corporate citizenship, ACOT500 aspires to uplift the country and have a hand in its development by developing and assessing Australian products in Australia.At ACOT500, quality and safety are key. With thousands of ACOT500 products being made and new ones being added to the range constantly, the company works hard at ensuring that the safety of its clients is not neglected. ACOT500's  products are put through a number of tests before they are mass-produced. The products prove their world-class construction and capabilities as they are tested and approved by Australian Standards.