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Jan 29, 2019

DELTA LINE presents Fulling's new 5W - 20mm flat brushless motor

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Following the successful introduction of the 32BLW, Fulling has extended its platform of BLDC motors with the launching of a new 5W flat brushless motor, the 20BLW14. The 20BLW14, 20mm in diameter, 14mm in length, is an 8 Pole open design product enabling optimal heat dispersion, and ability to achieve smooth operation at low speeds as well as having the capability of high speeds in excess of 5000 rpm, which further pushes the 20BLW14 limits of use in your application.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, along with its exceptional size to power ratio, the 20BLW14 has a long-life time capability, making this motor ideal for many applications

The ideal solution for limited spaces

The 20BLW14 can be combined with the gearboxes in our range.

Standalone or coupled to a gearbox, the 20BLW14 is particularly suited to applications where space is limited, such as collaborative robots, industrial (PAPR) and medical respirators, test and inspection equipment, bar code readers to name just a few.