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Company Brochure

Standardcon Pvt. Ltd.

Company brochure giving introduction, company capability, background, product list, product...

Virtus Allchem news 2015

Allchem Srl

New products 2015 All new products for body shop, car wash, detailing center, OEM car...

Coltec C - Decorative Tinting Tystem

Idecolor - Ideas y Colores

Coltec C is the world leading technology on point-of-sales produced paints, for decorative...

Hydrasperse EU - Water based In-Plant tinting system

Idecolor - Ideas y Colores

Hydrasperse EU is the world leading technology for in-plant solutions to produce paints of the...

Novapint D - Water-based colorants for Façade paints

Idecolor - Ideas y Colores

Novapint D is the world leading water-based tinting system for point-of-sales façade and...

Novapint D - Solar Reflective colourants for façade paints

Idecolor - Ideas y Colores

Novapint D Solar Reflective colorants for façade cooling and exterior paints tinting systems....