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Water & Wastewater Chemical Solutions

Cyndan Chemicals

Cyndan is an Australian manufacturer of industrial chemical products, and has been providing...

Extruded Teflon Tubing

Tef Cap Industries

Extruded Smoothbore Fluoropolymer Tubing. Manufactured with PTFE, FEP and PFA Resins. Fractional...

Gold Dispersion

Nanoshel LLC

Nano-particles with sizes ranging between objects and micro-particles (e.g. atom) have attracted...

Aluminium Oxide

Nanoshel LLC

In addition, the nano-layered structure material is ascribed to nano-material, and the...

Carbon Nanotubes Electronics

Nanoshel LLC

NANOSHEL’S Carbon Nanotubes Electronics have many potential applications in electronics and...

Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot glue (hot melt adhesive) or hot glue - is a solvent-free special fusible composition based on...