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This is a resume of our main solutions. GEAVE is the division specialized in poultry from GA...

Notrax Ergonomic Anti-fatigue and Safety Matting

Superior Manufacturing Group Europe BV

Notrax® offers the perfect solution for standing workers because, like no other producer of mats,...

Extruded Teflon Tubing

Tef Cap Industries

Extruded Smoothbore Fluoropolymer Tubing. Manufactured with PTFE, FEP and PFA Resins. Fractional...

Tungsten Oxide nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

Tungsten trioxide is one of the most widely studied electrochromic materials used as films. A...

Etiquetadora precinto de garantía.


La etiquetadora industrial MCP400T es una etiquetadora rápida de altas prestaciones para aplicar...