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Fusibles y bases fotovoltaicos

DF Electric

Fusibles y bases específicamente diseñados para instalaciones fotovoltaicas. Disponibles en...

Photovoltaic fuse-links and fuse holders

DF Electric

The first feature that this new products offers, is the rated voltages, in one hand the fuse...

Fusibles y bases portafusibles cilíndricos

DF Electric

FUSIBLES Cartuchos fusibles cilíndricos clase gG y aM para protección de uso general tanto...

NH Fuse-links and fuse bases

DF Electric

FUSE LINKS NH fuse links gG and aM class with high breaking capacity, for use as general...

DF Electric - Experts in electric protection

DF Electric

Our vision for the future is to achieve a leadership position in manufacturing and marketing of...



Principales Marcas y Distribuciones que representamos como Siemens, Schenider Electric, General...

Product Guide


This Product Guide gives you a brief overview of many of the product lines that are available....

Copper Chromium Alloy Nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

There are many copper alloys which fall within each group and a selection are examined here....