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NeBULA™ is a user-friendly medical image recorder, developed by and for medical...



NUCLeUS™ is the ultimate solution for data management and AV control in the surgical suite. With...

Chirana AURA (ICU)

Chirana s.r.o.

Chirana AURA The new sophisticated breathing unit for exacting intensive care application saves...

Chirana VENAR (anesthesia)

Chirana s.r.o.

The anesthesia unit Venar Libera is characterized by its modular concept, which makes ready to...

Hospital Furniture

Projesan Hospital Furniture Co

Furnitures for Hospital, Clinic and Medical institions.Our products include, hospital beds (both...

Devlin KCR-106-610 Healthcare Keyboard

Devlin Electronics

Easy clean key profile healthcare keyboard in fully sealed silicone rubber housing which is...

Catálogo Salas Limpias

Iguña Pharma

Proyectos de SALAS LIMPIAS llaves en mano, desde la fase inicial hasta la validación y puesta...

Laser Protection Eyewear

Univet srl

High-tech solutions for individual protection. The danger posed by laser radiation makes it...

Sistemas Air Flow

Iguña Pharma

IGUÑA diseña y fabrica equipos de tratamiento del aire, con la más alta eficacia y eficiencia,...