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Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot glue (hot melt adhesive) or hot glue - is a solvent-free special fusible composition based on...

Carbon Nanotubes Electronics

Nanoshel LLC

NANOSHEL’S Carbon Nanotubes Electronics have many potential applications in electronics and...

Gold Dispersion

Nanoshel LLC

Nano-particles with sizes ranging between objects and micro-particles (e.g. atom) have attracted...

Aluminium Oxide

Nanoshel LLC

In addition, the nano-layered structure material is ascribed to nano-material, and the...

Extruded Teflon Tubing

Tef Cap Industries

Extruded Smoothbore Fluoropolymer Tubing. Manufactured with PTFE, FEP and PFA Resins. Fractional...

Water & Wastewater Chemical Solutions

Cyndan Chemicals

Cyndan is an Australian manufacturer of industrial chemical products, and has been providing...