Zirconium Oxide Dispersion


In addition, the nano-layered structure material is ascribed to nano-material, and the multi-layer nano-composite composed of different materials is also known as nano-composites. Composite materials own excellent performance, which can be widely used in aerospace, defense, transportation, sports and other fields.

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Lanthanum Iron Palladium Oxide Alloy

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There are many copper alloys which fall within each group and a selection are examined here....

Boron Nanopowder

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Boron Nanopowder (B, 99+%, 70nm): To incorporate nanoparticles into larger assemblies and to...

Zinc Chloride Micropowder

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Zinc Chloride is a white deliquescent salt that forms acidic solutions in water and in polar...

SWCNT (>98wt% OD:1-2nm Length:3-8um High Purity)

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CNTs, also called buckytubes, are cylindrical carbon molecules with unique properties that make...