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Super Large High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine


With the continuous increase in the technical cost of wire cut EDM machine, precision wire cut EDM machine has become an urgent problem to reduce production costs and improve performance. At the same time, the double wire cutting technology produced by wire cutting machines has become A powerful production tool and its application.

For many enterprises with a certain scale, the rapid development of the market makes it necessary to find ways to reduce production costs on the one hand, and on the other hand to do everything possible to shorten the processing time. When they are combined with costs at the same time, another partner-machine tool manufacturing enterprise is working hard to help them improve product quality, output, and product economy. Take the manufacturer of wire cut EDM machine as an example, they are taking a variety of methods to reduce the user's operating costs. These are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve the efficiency of the pulse power supply of the wire cut EDM machine and reduce the overall energy consumption of the equipment.

2. Emphasize to reduce the running speed of wire-cut electrode wire and develop new technology of electric discharge machining.

3. Improve the machining accuracy of rough machining and reduce the number of trimming.

4. Improve the processing speed and processing precision of thin wires (below φ0.1mm) EDM wire cutting brass electrode wires, because, in some application fields, they can replace thick wires (above φ0.2mm) for processing.

The above method is very effective for improving processing efficiency. In addition, the EDM wire cutting machine can also be regarded as a machining center, which realizes the automatic interchange of rough machining and finishing electrode wires, which can also achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing costs.