Metal-oxide nanoparticles can be used to optimize UV absorption and to enhance the stiffness, toughness, and probably the service life of polymeric materials. Characterization of the nano- and microstructure dispersion of particles is necessary to optimize the structure-property relationships.

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Zinc Selenide Zinc Sulphide Quantum Dots

Nanoshel LLC

Zinc Selenide /Zinc Sulphide Quantum Dots (ZnSe/ZnS, Purity: 99.9 %, 405nm) NS6130-12-000102 CAS...

Nano Nickel Oxide Powder

Nanoshel LLC

Oxide nanoparticles can exhibit unique physical and chemical properties due to their limited size...

Aluminium Micropowder

Nanoshel LLC

Aluminium Powder (Al, Purity: 99.9%, APS: 1µm) is a fine granular powder made from Aluminium. In...

Manganese Dioxide Powder

Nanoshel LLC

Manganese Dioxide Powder modifications have wide potential applications. The manganese oxide...