Gold Dispersion


Nano-particles with sizes ranging between objects and micro-particles (e.g. atom) have attracted much attention. These particles with various specialized functions not only deepen our understanding of nature, but also serve as the basis for the development of new advanced technology.

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Silver Nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

Silver Nanopowder: Agricultural production is reduced worldwide every year due to plant disease;...

Iron Silicon Alloy Nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

There are many copper alloys which fall within each group and a selection are examined here....

Sulphur Powder Red

Nanoshel LLC

Today sulfur or sublimed Sulphur Powder can be used for a number of purposes, such as to keep...

Graphite Nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

Surface Modified Graphite –OH (C, 99.9%,1-2um,Natural Graphite): Surface Modified Graphite –OH...