Air Curtains Catalogue 2019 Airtecnics


Airtècnics air curtains general catalogue. Complete range of air curtains for all applications. Decorative air curtains, industrial air curtains, air curtains for revolving doors, air curtains for service doors, air curtains for cold chambers, air curtains for heat pump, etc.

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Air curtain Kool


Specially designed air curtain to be installed on doors of cold stores and freezers. It's also...

Industrial Air curtain MAX Catalogue


Air curtains for industrial doors. Designed to protect climatically industrial buildings,...

Cortinas de Aire Industriales


Las cortinas de aire para puertas industriales Airtècnics se caracterizan por su largo alcance,...

Industrial Air Curtain Windbox L, XL Catalogue


High Pressure Air Curtains up to 21.000 m3/h for industrial doors and big commercial...