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the sustainable energy generation is one of the most important tasks for the future and it poses major challenges to research, development and industry. The utmost precision is required to get maximum yield from sun energy. Monitoring and maintenance are a key for ensuring the productivity of the photovoltaic system. With the present brochure, it is our concern to provide you a comprehensive overview of all our components such as monitoring devices, analog and digital sensors, data loggers and integrated solutions.

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ultrasonic anemometers HD2003 DELTAOHM

Delta OHM

HD2003 and HD2003.1 are three axis ultrasonic anemometers, they measure the speed and direction...

Solar Radiation pyranometers Secondary Standard DELTAOHM

Delta OHM

The pyranometers LP PYRA 10 and LP PYRA 13 measure the irradiance on a flat surface (Watt/m²)....

MONITOREO de la calidad del Agua| Delta ohm s.a de c.v.

Delta OHM

Introducimos  AQUAREAD su aliado ideal para proyectos de monitoreo de la calidad del...

Humidity Temperature transmitter DELTAOHM

Delta OHM

The HD9008TRR and HD9009TRR are single block RH and temperature microprocessor transmitters,...