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“Gourmet” cosmetic products | MS Líneas Propias SL


We manufacture cosmetic products tailored to the needs or requirements of each of our customers

We can develop all kinds of cosmetics, from the manufacture of natural cosmetics to all kinds of formulas. We have extensive experience formulating, developing new products, looking for new textures and innovating, always adapting to trends and closely following developments in the industry related to active ingredients, raw materials and packaging/design

– CUSTOM FORMULAS Based on our clients’ specific ideas, we develop unique and differentiated formulas, striving to obtain the results our client imagined, being able to choose and define all the characteristics that your product or range of products must contain. Our clients can choose every last detail regarding type of product, function, presentation, assets, effectiveness, texture, perfume, price range and even maximum price.

– MERGED FORMULAS If our client already has a product that they like and want to contract, we offer them the possibility of merging an existing formula. We formulate a product as similar as possible, in terms of tact and effectiveness. We guarantee that our team will also seek to highlight those aspects of the product which are more important, so that is not a copy, but we can take the opportunity to even improve the product requested, which is why the list of final ingredients often varies from the original.