Application Nanotechnology


Nanoshel Catalogue has a straightforward aim—to acquaint you with the whole idea of Nano science and nanotechnology. This comprises the fabrication and understanding of matter at the ultimate scale at which nature designs: the molecular scale. Nano science occurs at the intersection of traditional science and engineering, quantum mechanics, and the most basic processes of life itself. Nanotechnology encompasses how we harness our knowledge of Nano science to create materials, machines, and devices that will fundamentally change the way we live and work.

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Barium Titanate Powder

Nanoshel LLC

Barium titanate is the first ferroelectric ceramics and a good candidate for a variety of...

Super Activated Charcoal

Nanoshel LLC

Super Activated Charcoal Powder (C, <40 nm, Natural Raw Materials): Water treatment...

Zinc Water Dispersion

Nanoshel LLC

Nano-particles with sizes ranging between objects and micro-particles (e.g. atom) have attracted...

Cobalt Nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

Cobalt nanopowder (High purity, 99.9%, APS 50-80nm, metal basis): Cobalt metal is used in...