Air Curtains Catalogue 2014


The new and attractive generation of Airtècnics air curtains is the ideal solution to maintain a comfortable interior climate in commercial outlets and public buildings that need to keep their doors open. New recessed air curtains, heat pump air curtains and industrial air curtains

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Recessed air curtain Optima Catalog


Recessed air curtain for commercial doors. Air curtains to be installed to the false ceiling,...

Catálogo Cortinas de Aire 2018 Airtecnics


Catálogo general de cortinas de aire Airtècnics. Gama completa de cortinas de aire para todas las...

Axial Fans Catalog


The high efficiency axial fans are used where ever large air volumes must be ventilated against...

Air curtain ZEN - Finishes catalogue


Decorative air curtain in contemporary architectural style. Its minimalist and smart design...