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Since 1999, Euromaher has been offering integral solutions for industrial machinery in the areas of blasting, deburring, cold stamping, injection and automation.


A meticulous and careful selection of our suppliers allows us to offer our customers advanced machinery technology and the latest innovations. OMSG, COLOSIO, SACMA, INGRAMATIC, BTB. TRANSFER, IMANPACK are leaders in production, quality and price at the international level. An important guarantee when you have to make a significant investment.


All our solutions are fully customized and with a great capacity for response. Our solutions are always oriented to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.


- Sale of machinery: new, used and rebuilt to new.

- Integral services: Engineering, Laboratory, Training, Spare Parts and Technical Assistance.

- 5 * special service for shot blasting machines and filters of all brands and models.


Consult us at 945 292614 or email comercial@euromaher.com and we will offer you the solution you need. Sure!

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Euromaher destaca por sus soluciones integrales en el tratamiento de superficies. Somos...