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PROTEM bevelers are portable machines. Lightweight, dependable and easy to use, they are perfect for welding preparations without any heat-affected zones. The machines are equipped with tool-holder plates capable of carrying several tool-holders, which enables them to carry out welding preparation operations with a perfect land, an appropriate counterbore wherever necessary and a bevel as required. Their robust design also makes them perfectly suitable for machining thick-walled pipes.


Tube cutting is a necessary machining operation for the prefabrication, construction, maintenance, repair or removal of damaged parts, caused by corrosion, for example.

Tubular components are affected by channeled substances that affect the original condition of the tube. Oil, gas or water at high-pressures are abrasive and can alter the corrosion of the tube either chemically and/or mechanically.

When the replacement of the tube is absolutely necessary, the cut is made in upstream and downstream sections of the damaged tube. This maintenance operation can be done on-site and requires the best equipment for a perfect surface quality before performing welding operations.

PROTEM tube cutting and beveling machines are portable machines.

They are light weight, reliable, easy to use and they ensure a perfect weld preparation with no heat affected zones on all types of materials, such as, steel or inox tubes.


PROTEM squaring machines are the right solution for a wide range of applications encountered in numerous fields such as high purity (including semi-conductors), food-processing, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, etc. Squaring corresponds to creating a land and making a flat surface on the pipe-end. Correct surfacing makes pipes easier to align. PROTEM pipe surfacing machines minimize risks of contamination inasmuch as they create chips in the form of a ribbon and not in particles.




SERCO TU machines are designed for high-precision machining on valves and flanges. They are held in position by a column/arm system clamped to the outside of the part to be machined. With this type of clamping combined with the axial movement of the TU machines, boring operations can be carried out inside the valves. SERCO TU machines can be set up easily in any position and in places where there is very little room. Their light weight also means that they can be set up and used by a single operator.

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