Armand Vargas

Barbera del Valles ES

Electrical heaters and boilers. Heat Exchangers. Heating Ovens. Skids. Steam boilers. Thermal fluid. Thermal oil heaters. Waste heat recovery units. COMMITED WITH THE EFFICIENT HEATING PIROBLOC is a company with 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of thermal fluid heaters. We have 1300 installations in more than 60 countries in all industry sectors. Our scope of supply covers all the activities relating this technology - Supply - Manufacturing - Instalation - Maintenance - Start up - Project Management - Engineering - Consulance - Legal service, etc PIROBLOC prioritizes three main criteria, in the design and construction of its equipment: SAFETY: Heater design focused on getting maximum security. We incorporate redundant securities and additional preventive elements to ensure the maximum safety to persons and property. EFFICIENCY: Design aimed at achieving the highest possible performance with minimal power consumption. RELIABILITY: Selection of materials and components for a maximum reliability.