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Standardized real-time factory management system for any industry:
Controls, communicates, learns and predicts to manufacture MORE, BETTER AND CHEAPER


MESbook is the only Industry 4.0 System that connects in real time the pillars of any factory: ERP systems, manufacturing equipment, products, human resources and methods. MESbook is at the center of the process of Digital Industrial Transformation, which is the basis of our value proposition, which we specify in four pillars: broad industrial know-how, the most advanced product in the market, customer service and a pay-per-use model ALL INCLUDED and without initial implantation cost.
Being a standard product that adapts to any company and process, MESbook is currently generating value in more than 50 companies in 12 different sectors (food, pharmaceutical, printing, cosmetic, metal, automotive, plastic, furniture, cardboard, ceramics) and they are experiencing improvements that amount to an increase of up to 40% of their EBITDA, with an immediate ROI and with PAYBACK less than one year.

- MESbook is a Real Time Factory Management System (Not to be confused with traditional MES), Cyberphysical System using Industry 4.0 terms.
- Expert System with learning capacity and flexibility to act in any factory (sector or casuistry).
- It interconnects and unifies in a single system the management of the main actors of a factory: Machines, Products, Materials, People, Systems (ERP, CMMS, MS Office ...) and Departments.
- Automatically captures, analyzes in real time and alerts structured managers in 3 levels for: the manager, the middle manager and the operator. Our product is oriented to decision making.
- The only product on the market with EURO as the main Measurement Unit that automatically identifies deviations and their origin automatically and in euros.
- Autoadaptive to day-to-day incidents, SaaS in industrial management system, muti-machine / multi-section and compatible with any ERP.
- Forecasts for the future: Predictive of Productivity, Quality, Costs and Maintenance through Machine Learning, SGA self-managed by RFID, Glocalization indoor of operators, among others.

Hybrid of Consumer and Industrial Internet: a single product for all customers (SaaS), metadata to generate tag cloud, multi-device, responsive, UX: easy to implement and train, modular, scalable. We use: BIG DATA, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Machines (IoM), Communication Machine to Machine (M2M) / Device to Device (D2D and Machine Learning, among others.

Industry 4.0 success depends on their integration in the organizations. The MESbook team focuses on training, monitoring and improvement the customer’s personnel throughout the life of MESbook use and without additional cost. Our success goes beyond the installation of software: we are committed to customer results to ensure improvements in Productivity, Quality and Costs.

SaaS concept: marketing flexibility thanks to pay-per-use formula and sale by modules. We offer a monthly fee that includes updates, improvements, adaptations, training, improvement, consulting, among others... AN ALL INCLUSIVE.

• Since its consolidation in 2015, MESbook has grown 300% in sales, billing and personnel.
• Best Start-Up Consolidated in 2016 by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
• Best Innovative Technology in the Big Data category by Advanced Factories (2017).
• Best Industry Company 4.0 Award by IBERQUIMIA (2017).

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Real-time Factory Management System


"Standardized real-time factory management system for any industry: Controls, communicates,...