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Industry professionals search the Internet daily for commercial information and techniques, making your catalogs the best tool to promote your products and / or services, if you position them in the first search results.

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Increase your visibility on the internet

Continually publish your products and industrial catalogs and inform our users of their latest developments through the service of


Generate quality business contacts

Our visitors request documentation, budgets and information about their products daily through their company profile in CatalogIndustry or directly from their products and catalogs.


Earn Industrial Followers

We promote your company page by linking it to our digital marketing channels such as social networks, including LinkedIn, newsletters, and blogs in your industrial sector.


Use our warning and alarm system

Our users configure a system of alerts and keyword alarms daily to receive information when manufacturers and distributors upload new products and catalogs.


Measure the ROI return on investment

We measure the performance of your company profile, products and industrial catalogs with a record of visits, clicks and requests for information. At the end of the month, we send you a monthly report with the details of the results.

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