Tube & Pipe Beveling Machine - US25


The US25 portable pipe beveling tool is a powerful, robust, reliable and versatile portable tube and pipe bevelling/ facing machine.

  • Versatile possibilities :
           Mandrel from 12.5 up to 18 mm – 0.5” up to 0.7”
           Mandrel from 18 up to 26 mm    – 0.7” up to 1”
           Tool holders plate 60 – 90 – 120 mm
  •  Automatic feed and automatic clamping - US25CA
  •  Flange facing/single point machining: available on request.
  •  Short clamping mandrel for elbows, fittings, tees, flanges.
  •  Specific milling head for use membrane walls and boiler panels - US25TA
  •  Quick clamping device for serial machining works
  •  For almost all environments: Irradiated areas, extreme conditions, subsea.


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