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  • Catalogo General Diasa Industrial
    Catalogo General Diasa Industrial

    Catálogo general que recoge las diferentes áreas de negocio a las que se dedica la empresa. DIASA INDUSTRIAL cuenta con 5 áreas de negocio, dedicadas al tejido empresarial y diferentes sectores co ...

    Uploaded: 2013-11-29

    Published: 2013


  • Lector de Colores Colourpin de NCS e Idecolor
    Lector de Colores Colourpin de NCS e Idecolor

    Un lector de colores de mano para medir, almacenar y compartir los colores de nuestro día a día. Basta con abrir la app en nuestro smartphone y leer colores sobre la marcha. Colourpin® es el nuevo ...

    Uploaded: 2015-05-18

    Published: 2015


  • Colorímetro Colourpin NCS de Idecolor
    Colorímetro Colourpin NCS de Idecolor

    Encuentra y Captura tu inspiración en #Color allá donde estés con nuestro colorímetro Colourpin de NCS. Descubre todo de lo que es capaz en un vídeo con sólo escanear el código QR...

    Uploaded: 2016-05-16

    Published: 2016


  • Smart_Projector Pharmaceutical
    Smart_Projector Pharmaceutical

    Smart_Projector is the innovative instrument created by SmartVision that performs automatic dimensional measures of any object in a simple, objective and fast way. Revolutionary digital evolution of ...

    Uploaded: 2013-12-20

    Published: 2013


  • New products Bathroom and Wellness 2014
    New products Bathroom and Wellness 2014

    For 266 years now, Villeroy&Boch has stood for innovations which make life easier and richer. For culture – in the bathroom and on the table. For quality, passion and inspirational beauty. We invite ...

    Uploaded: 2014-12-02

    Published: 2014


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Air Curtains Catalog 2013
Air Curtains Catalog 2013

Air Curtains for all applications. Manufacturer leader in door air curtains of high quality and wide range to cover all applications. Design, standard, industrial or tailor-made air curtain

Uploaded: 2013-09-05

Published: 2013


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