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IEM - Innovation Engineering & Modular Technologies

IEM - Innovation Engineering & Modular Technologies

LED Lighting: brightest light (highest lumens), lowest wattage, and lowest price globally.

Our Mission: To develop the brightest, most efficient lighting technologies that lower energy consumption and minimize energy costs in order to help others, create jobs and grow US-based manufacturing.

Our Vision: Best price, high efficacy, lowest energy use.

IEM is focused on developing and introducing new products that are validated and certified to improve the environments where we live, play and work. We are laser focused on creating sustainable green building and design technologies that exceed environmental policies & regulations.

Our goals are to ensure businesses and consumers have the opportunity to enjoy the best energy-saving technologies now by receiving immediate savings and returns on purchases.

Our patented technologies and certified lighting products present the lowest priced, lowest wattage, highest lumen (brightest light) LEDs in the world, and are available through our Global Distribution Channels now.

LED Lighting - RoHS, UL, CEC (including international certifications)

110A West G Street,
93635, Los Banos
(), United States

IEM 10W T8 2280Lms
IEM 10W T8 2280Lms

Manufactured in the USA. The lowest watt, highest lumen, lowest priced T8 LED Replacements in the world! 8W and 10W. Ballast and non-ballast. Priced @ $27 (10K qty).

Uploaded: 2014-09-13

Published: 2014


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