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mk Profile Systems

mk Profile Systems

For over 40 years mk have been selling mechanical modules, components for profile, conveyor and linear technology, as well as factory equipment. These products are based on more than 250 different aluminium profiles and extensive stainless steel sheet metal work. The modular construction principle these products offer ensures full compatibility between all products. The resulting benefits include considerable cost savings during installation of the system, as well as a high degree of flexibility for future extensions and re-configurations.

Unit 2 Wolds Farm Business Park,
NG12 3EQ, Kinoulton
(Nottingham), United Kingdom

Aluminium Profile Technology Catalogue
Aluminium Profile Technology Catalogue

The mk 2000 profile system consists of four profile series (25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm) that are compatible with each other and are designed for different applications. The choice of profile series will ...

Uploaded: 2014-03-21

Published: 2014


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