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About CatalogIndustry

CatalogIndustry is a specialized online library of industrial catalogs, technical documents and prices from top manufacturers in the main industrial sectors.

Our library of industrial catalogs has been designed to be innovative, intuitive and easy to use, with the aim of becoming a benchmark tool for professionals in the industry. Furthermore, manufacturers and distributors can offer their products in various languages, helping them find new clients and promote their products around the world.


- Generate new commercial contacts with potential clients
- Index contents with Google and other search engines
- Access detailed statistics on publications
- Boost presence on social media
- Embed your CatalogIndustry HTML5 publications on your website
- Make content available on iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices
- Raise awareness of your brand around the world

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- Direct access to a large number of catalogs, technical documents and prices from various companies that offer the same product
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